Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Portland weekend

 Saturday, Gene and I flew up to Portland.   I had planned on going for our grandniece Molly's high school graduation, but at the last minute Gene came along.  I wish that it was just for the graduation, but our son-in-law John lost his father last week after a long illness and we were there for a mass to  celebrate his life  too. I am so glad that there have been some bright spots (like births and graduations) in this year, because we have had a lot of sadness to deal with.....

We had not seen our grandkids in a few months and they had grown so much!  We took them to breakfast on Sunday to one of their (and our) favorite places....The Cadillac.  Sophie highly recommends the Mickey Mouse pancakes!

 .....and then we went to visit Megan....The spot where her bench lies is just so peaceful..... her father-in-law will be at rest just a few feet away....

We did have some time for just hanging out....and the kids loved our new I-Pad.....Nick would have been happy if we left it for them.....but Grandma likes it too!

I was able to stay through yesterday with them and Sophie and I spent the day playing.  They will be down for a visit in July and get to stay 10 days.....we will have a lot of time for spoiling!

  Tonight Pierce and Collin (our oldest grandsons) are receiving Catholic Scouting awards that they have been studying for all year.  This time of year really keeps us busy.  

Hope you are finding time in your busy lives to sew and stitch....Jo Ann


  1. Yay! It is so nice to have a bright spot with graduations and playing with the grandkids. I'm sure you'll be exhausted and have a blast when they come to visit.

  2. So glad you were able to be in Portland to offer your support to John and see your darling grandkids. Megan's bench is lovely and it's good to get some comfort visiting her there. Congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL new book - I saw it when I stayed with Julie in WI for a few days after my workshop at Valley Ridge. Think of you often! Much love to you and Gene!

  3. Glad you are able to come to Portland and to celebrate the beginning of a girls adult life and to celebrate a life of a man. I am amazed at how much Nick looks like Megan! glad to hear that they will be coming to visit you in the summer...such wonderful memories you will make for them!



  4. I also have had a similar year of losses but woven through has been births and weddings. It is the circle of life as they say but I find strength in those young smiles! This week I fly down to attend a memorial and next week I fly south for a wedding...one foot in front of the other!

  5. JoAnn - What beautiful pictures of your time in Portland ... Sophie and Nick are so adorable ... Have a great time in July with them! If you need me to cover a Mon for you so you can play, let me know!! =:)