Friday, June 8, 2012

Proud Moment

Tuesday evening Gene and I went to a celebration for all the scouts in San Diego County who had earned Catholic Scouting awards.  Both Collin (on the left) and Pierce (on the right) worked hard this year to be among those honored.....After the ceremony the Bishop stayed on and had about 50 million pictures taken (or at least I am sure that it felt like that many)!

    CONGRATULATIONS you two!  You did good!


  1. Wow!! What an honour!! Well done boys!! You made your Grandma VERY proud!!

  2. I am sure you are all so proud, as you should be. That is a great goal to work towards ! Congrats

  3. congratulations! They look so proud and handsome

  4. I remember when my son earned his Parvuli Dei award - it was such a special day for him. Congratulations to your grandsons!